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The Ancestors (english summary)

Dear relatives,

we, the Bippes and all who visit this site by chance or not, could contribute to fill it with "Bippes-information". I'm interested especially in genealogical research within the Bippes pedigree.

A short summary of my work follows:

Working with a genealogy software I collected more than 700 Bippes relatives so far, starting with our common forefather Hanns Bippes from Trossingen and outreaching till today.

It is known that our ancestor was born in Trossingen/Wuerttemberg, Germany, around the year 1600. After the destruction of his village during The Thirty Years War (1618-1648) he emigrated with many others to Switzerland where he married his Swiss wife Elisabeth. In 1642 he returned to Trossingen with his son Ulrich who was born in Switzerland.

Ulrich went to Goelshausen (in our days a part of Bretten) in 1652, where the church register contains an entry written by pastor Johann Weigel and shown on the next page (german). There he married Catharina Naegele in 1674.

In 1700 Ulrich resettled to Diedelsheim (also a part of Bretten today) where he begot more children with his second wife. Thereunder two sons who saved the family name. In 1720 he died as a citizen of Diedelsheim. Ulrich is the forefather of all yet known Bippes I found in church registers and "Ortssippenbuecher" (An index of all people who ever lived in a village, city etc.).

With the help of the other Bippes I would like to know if my work is correct or if there are other traces which lead to more branches of the family.

All Bippes who are interested in their ancestors could contact me.
It's further to my interest to contact and exchange data with other members of the Bippes Family collecting genealogical material. Let us together complete our pedigree. I'm looking forward to many new informations and contacts which I will use and create a family chronicle.

Klaus Bippes


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